Awarded as PowerShell Hero in 2015 by the community for his script and tools contributions. Creator of ConfigMgr Prerequisites Tool, ConfigMgr OSD FrontEnd, ConfigMgr WebService to name a few. Frequent speaker at conferences such as Microsoft Ignite, NIC Conference and IT/Dev Connections including nordic user groups. Originally, this method was developed for when creating a reference image here, as shown in the blog post below. Recently however, Windows Autopilot has increased in popularity.

If this is your first time saving a file with the Awesome Screenshot add-on, you will see a permission prompt. Taking screenshots and knowing how to save a screenshot on PC has become an important skill to possess in this present day. There are many jobs out there where taking screenshots become a necessity. If you want to use a more advanced screenshot tool, you can opt for SnagIt. It has a free version, but the premium version is best for you if you want a powerful screenshot tool for Windows.

How To: Restrict Guest Users To One App download AMD Radeon HD 6520G drivers In Windows 10

The Windows OS comes with a really good app called the Your Phone. This app connects with your personal smartphone and keeps you updated with all your notifications. It connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and a companion app, installed on your phone. But there are users, including me, who feels that the app is not as perfect as it needs to be and has become a headache for a number of users as well.

Make sure that you select the correct folder before you choose Delete. Most programs come with automatic updates turned on and you manually need to find out automatic update settings to disable it. So this might not be a big problem but can be an annoyance for most users. After uninstalling the program, the icon should have been removed from the taskbar automatically.

Turn Off Timeline

Make sure to check for the uninstall option either on the app’s front page or under the app settings. Uninstalling using the app itself is useful because most uninstallers offer the option to delete the program but not the related files like save data or related files. Sometimes it also lets you pick and choose which part of the app that you want to remove. It is obvious for a PC user to feel the unnecessity of a program after some time. For this reason, your uninstall programs quite often. But the uninstallation process offered by the windows doesn’t completely remove all the data the software used to have.

However, in a moment, all your default apps should be reinstalled. If you still wish to proceed, follow the procedure below to reinstall all the Windows default apps collectively. Restart your PC and open the “Windows Store” app. Use the “Search” box to quickly search for the app that you just uninstalled. It’s also important to update any other app installed on your Windows device since outdated apps pose a security risk to your device.


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