“It is so powerful to hear women’s stories of sobriety,” says licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor Beth Kane-Davidson, director of the Addiction Treatment Center at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. The Glee alum recalled her struggles with alcohol addiction during an interview with The Guardian in February 2022, revealing she got sober for a second time after relapsing years ago. Lynch explained that after going to AA for years, having a successful career and doing therapy, she began drinking again — and quickly learned she couldn’t just have one drink. I took my first drink in the eighth grade.

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I never went back to the bar where I drank it, but there’s a dollhouse in my brain where I am still on the barstool, deciding I’ll find my way back to my car in the morning and taxi home tonight. There is too much happening in my brain for sleep. I’m in the gymnasium where the old-timers, who got sober before I was born, talk about their home repairs. I’m in a basement after dark, in a neighborhood I can’t recall, at https://ecosoberhouse.com/ a meeting I’ll never return to, where a guy with a decade sober stands with his soul billowing like a preacher’s and says he’ll probably die drunk. I’m in the yacht club for the sunrise meeting. I remember nothing but the window and the messy surface of the lake, a view I thought was going to feel profound. The following week I was called into my chairman’s office for a meeting with him and our corporate president.

Sobriety Surprises: Lena Dunham, Jason Biggs and Other Stars Who Revealed They Got Sober

McCarthy has worked at large enterprise recovery centers across the country spearheading business development teams. In February 2021, the Halloween star shared a massive sober milestone. “With God’s grace sober success stories and the support of MANY people who could relate to all the ‘feelings’ and a couple of sober angels…I’ve been able to stay sober, one day at a time, for 22 years,” she wrote via Instagram at the time.

With years of experience working alongside those suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues, we bring important messages with unparalleled knowledge of addiction, mental health problems, and the issues they cause. Both of my parents worked, but we still had money problems due to my dad’s drug and alcohol abuse. In 1995, we moved up to Washington state to start a new life. This was supposed to be the new beginning that we all needed. My dad vowed to stop using, but like all alcoholics, he didn’t. From the age of five until I was 12, I didn’t understand how a drink could change my dad so drastically.

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I was able to detox from an antidepressant I’ve been on for over a decade that has really scary side effects. I found out about an underlying health issue that affected fatigue, attention, and focus, and got treatment for it. I’m coming to a place of feeling neutral about it, and I’ve never felt neutral about it.

It doesn’t do anything for my spiritual state, my mental state, or my creative state. It takes from that and I don’t want to play with fire.

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The beauty of hearing other people’s stories is realizing that there is no one way. I’m finding things to do that don’t involve alcohol, like roller skating.

Having some small impact on someone else’s life. I never really felt like I had a choice in social situations or the people I was around. I couldn’t really sort through who I actually wanted to be around because I felt like I was just along for the ride and I wasn’t really in charge. When you’re an alcoholic and you’re not sober, you feel trapped.

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I had found my niche, my people, and fervor for life. Chris shares his journey to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. After relapsing and joining a wilderness program, he met Eric Schmidt at New Roads Behavioral Health. Listen to his story and find out what helped him learn the skills to be successful and healthy. “It could be creatively fueling, but I think what’s really helped ground me is learning the difference between creative spontaneity and emotional recklessness in everyday life.” “People were as replaceable as they had deemed me to be. Imposter syndrome had stiff competition against my self-hatred at that point.” Gordon Ramsay’s daughter shared an inspiring message for those who “continue to take it day by day” on their sobriety journeys, revealing in December 2021 that she chose to “take a break from alcohol” one year prior.


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